She Told Her Best Friend To Push Harder At The Doctor To Get Answers About Her Strange Medical Condition, But Her Friend Didn’t Appreciate The Input

“I have even seen my friend go on binges where she drowns everything in butter in an attempt to gain any sort of weight. Nothing will stick,” she revealed.

More recently, her friend has also stopped feeling nauseous before vomiting, too. In fact, sometimes they will just be talking when her best friend randomly throws up on the floor without any warning whatsoever.

And while her friend claims to be fine, she can tell that her friend is getting pretty worried, too.

That’s why, just last week, her friend decided to see another gastroenterologist. After running more blood tests, however, her friend’s labs all came back normal. So, her friend was just told to take some antacids whenever she felt sick.

Following that appointment, her friend was understandably upset and feeling really dejected. Then, her friend announced that she had just given up on finding any answers and would just accept that this is how her life is now.

But she knows how large of a toll the condition has taken on her best friend’s life. It’s super hard to date and gets in the way of her friend’s work. Plus, her husband is even afraid to hang out with her best friend because he is emetophobic– or has a vomit phobia.

That’s why she wound up telling her best friend that they needed to push harder and look for more specialists in order to get to the bottom of what was going on. She offered to help her friend, too.

“My friend has always been passive when it comes to speaking up for herself,” she reasoned.

“I just want her to advocate for herself or let me help her do it.”

Nonetheless, her best friend did not appreciate the pressure, and it sparked a massive fight. In fact, she even got told to leave it alone and stay out of her friend’s life.

Since then, her friend has remained angry with her, too, and will not respond to her texts with anything more than one or two-word replies.

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