She Was Chased Home By A Man On Rollerblades Who Then Stared At Her Through The Window

“I figured she got impatient and just left,” she explained.

“In my peripheral vision, I see a man. He’s younger, maybe [in his] early twenties, black trench coat, and spiked hair, and he’s on rollerblades.”

Instead of leaving her alone, the mysterious young man began to speed up on his rollerblades and started zooming toward her. 

She was terrified and immediately began running towards her house, growing more scared as she heard the sound of his rollerblades getting closer.

When she finally made it home, she locked her front door and raced into the bathroom, where there was a spare piece of metal pipe. She grabbed it for defense before entering her room and hiding under her bed.

“I hear knocking and pounding at my front door,” she said.

“I was so scared. I thought, ‘This is how I am going to die.’ I just remember thinking, ‘If I am going to die, I am going to die fighting.’ I was going to hit him as hard and as much as possible.”

Finally, after a while, the knocking stopped. She continued to stay under her bed for quite some time, with her heart still pounding.

Finally, when she decided to crawl out of her bed, she turned her head and saw the young man staring at her through her window. She screamed and immediately returned under her bed.

She waited down there until her mom finally came home with her brother. She told her everything that had happened, but her mom didn’t believe her. The man must’ve left before she got home.

To this day, she still wonders what could have happened if that man had been able to get into her house.

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