She Was Having A Sleepover One Night At Her House When She And Her Friend Noticed A Guy Crouched In The Shadows Of Her Backyard

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The idea of someone lurking outside my house while I sit inside with no idea what’s going on has always freaked me out.

One woman remembers unexpectedly seeing someone in her backyard late at night as a kid having a sleepover. 

She was 11 years old and the time and had one of her friends over for a sleepover. It was the first sleepover she had ever hosted at her dad’s house, so she was super excited.

She and her friend were hyped up on a bunch of sugary soda, so they were still wide awake at 10:30 pm.

Around that time, her dad stepped outside onto their front lawn to take a phone call. Since they were super hyper, they followed him outside and played on the front lawn for a while.

Then, when they were ready to go back inside, they hopped her backyard fence and went into the house from there.

She and her friend went up to the second floor of her house to play around with some makeup. About 30 minutes later, she heard her two dogs, a German shepherd and a pitbull, barking from the backyard.

She assumed they were barking to be let inside, but her dad was still out front, so she headed downstairs to let the dogs in.

But when she got downstairs, she saw something shocking.

Odua Images – – illustrative purposes only

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