She’s Been Arguing With Her Boyfriend Over His Pet Tarantula Because They Live Together And She’s Terrified Of It

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Can you imagine dating someone whose pet is an animal or creature you’re terrified of?

One woman has been arguing with her boyfriend over his pet tarantula because she has arachnophobia. Now, they’re unsure of how they’ll continue living together. 

She recently moved into a one-bedroom apartment with her boyfriend, who is very attached to his pet tarantula.

He’s had the spider for a few years and has always been interested in bugs. This is unfortunate for her, as she suffers from arachnophobia.

Although, over time, she’s gotten used to her boyfriend’s spider, she still sometimes gets freaked out by it and never wants it anywhere near her.

For instance, not long ago, the spider escaped from his habitat, and she felt like she was going to have a heart attack.

She has a cat who also moved in with them. The other night, her cat tried to attack and eat her boyfriend’s spider, which really upset him and was an indicator that they had to be separated.

Her boyfriend suggested they keep his spider in their bedroom since the only separate room in the apartment is their bathroom, which has a broken door. 

However, she has a major problem with the idea and refuses to keep the spider in their bedroom. She tried proposing to keep her cat in their room at night instead while the spider stayed out in their living room. However, her boyfriend didn’t like that idea because he claimed her cat is too noisy at night.

davemhuntphoto – – illustrative purposes only

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