She’s Confessing That She Finds Modern American Weddings Disgusting Because She Thinks They Just Stand For Rubbing Your Perfect Life And Money In Everyone’s Faces

shchus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is approaching her 30s, and when she looks around at other young women around her same age, she knows she’s nothing like them.

What she means by that is she is not a fan of weddings like other women are, but she clarifies that she isn’t against marriage; she’s just against putting on a show and having a wedding.

If she looks at her own life and experience around weddings, she has been a bridesmaid in several weddings, and about 75% of the weddings she has been a part of have only crashed and burned.

Those brides and grooms that she knows ended up divorcing within less than 2 years of being married to one another, and she believes their over-the-top weddings were only important for the photos.

At this point, she just thinks that modern American weddings as a whole are nothing but disgusting because she thinks they just stand for rubbing your perfect life and money in everyone’s faces.

“From the diamond rings that get shown off in every single selfie like a trophy, the professional engagement photos, expectations of showers, bachelorette parties costing hundreds of dollars, personalized hashtags, the cost of the dresses and accessories, the cost of the weddings themselves, how much time is spent before and during the ceremony taking professional photos and how much staging goes into it….. and that’s what it’s all about,” she explained.

“Getting gorgeous photos to share on social media, to rub it in everyone’s faces how much money you have and how Pinterest perfect your life appears to be.”

“A lot of this comes down to the toxicity of social media in general and old-fashioned consumerism… I can’t help but find it pathetic.”

What do you think; do you agree with her that many weddings are just about putting on a show and keeping up appearances?

shchus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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