She’s Sharing Some Of The Low Vibrational Things She Stopped Doing In Order To Improve Her Mental Health

terezika - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you been feeling overly stressed and anxious? It might be time to remove some low vibrational activities from your life.

The phrase “low vibration” has to do with spiritual energy that is associated with negative emotions. Therefore, if you want to heal and have positive energy flow your way, you must clear your plate of anything that causes you to feel gloom and doom.

TikToker Tanea Marie (@taneamariee) is sharing some of the low vibrational habits she stopped practicing to improve her mental health and advance in her journey of self-growth.

Number one: she stopped watching the news. Tanea lives in a big city, so the local news is constantly filled with stories of crime and tragedy.

During the pandemic, she watched the news regularly and felt like she was hooked on refreshing her phone for the latest information.

It wasn’t healthy for her and made her reluctant to leave the house because she had so much anxiety about what was happening around her.

She still keeps up with world news and trending news in the U.S., but she doesn’t watch local news anymore. Once she stopped watching the news covering her area, she felt much less on edge.

The second thing she did was change her wall art. A few years ago, Tanea was in a deep depressive state.

But then, she started looking around her house and realized that her wall art was morphing into her reality.

terezika – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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