If You’re Looking For A Super Low-Maintenance Plant To Add To Your Home That Won’t Die Easily, Try Getting A Cactus

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Both beginners and experts at caring for houseplants will find the cactus to be a welcome addition to their homes.

Cacti are especially popular with novice plant parents because they are super low-maintenance, and they don’t die easily.

There are many varieties that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you have lots of unique options to choose from.

But because there is such a vast array of species, different cacti need different care requirements. So when you purchase your cactus plant, make sure you know what type you have to provide it with the proper environment.

Cacti can be divided into two main categories: desert cacti and tropical cacti. Both groups of cacti require similar care but with a few adjustments to each.

Although cactus plants are notoriously difficult to kill, they are not entirely indestructible. That means you still have to keep tabs on it and water it occasionally, even the varieties that hail from more arid areas.

Cacti store water to use when their environment gets dry, so they can go a long time without you providing moisture. One sign that your cactus needs more water is when it turns yellow.

During spring and summer, when your cactus is experiencing growth, give it a drink once a week or every ten days, depending on how dry your soil is. The soil should be dry to the touch in between waterings during the warmer seasons.

Also, be careful of overwatering; it’s the culprit of many cacti casualties. Remember that not much watering is needed in winter. When a cactus plant receives too much water, it will start to pale in color.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only

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