She’s Upset That Her Parents Are Only Giving Her $7,000 For Her Wedding

When her siblings were born, her parents started making much more money, and each began earning six figures. She feels they’ve been more generous with her siblings than they have her, and their contribution to her wedding is no exception. 

With her parents’ contribution being smaller than she expected, she and her fiancé will now have to spend somewhere between $10,000 to $15,000 out of pocket on their wedding. 

“Am I wrong to be upset?” she asked. “I feel so guilty, but I also feel so swept under the rug by my parents.”

When she talked to her parents about the amount they offered to pay, they told her that it was the same amount of money they received for their wedding in 2005, so that’s how much they were giving her.

She tried explaining to her parents that $7,000 was worth so much more in 2005 than now, but they are standing their ground with the amount. Now, her parents are saying that because they’re contributing to the cost of the wedding, it should be held closer to where they live.

She’s still racked with guilt for being upset over what her parents are offering but can’t shake the feeling of disappointment she’s experiencing. 

Should she be upset about how much her parents are giving her, or should she be grateful for getting any money at all?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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