The Last Few Girls That He Has Taken Out On Dinner Dates Have All Asked Him For $100 To $200 To Pay For Their Gas Money Or Rides Home

Jordi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 31-year-old man lives in Los Angeles, California, and he works as a software engineer. The past few dates that he has been on have not really gone that great, and he met each and every one of these girls on a dating app.

The girls ranged from 26 to 34-years-old, and they were all quite pretty. Strangely enough, the girls all had one thing in common; they all asked him for about $100 to $200 after the date was done, and they claimed that they needed the money for gas or to pay for their Uber rides home.

This has never once happened to him prior to this year, but then all of a sudden, these girls all wanted the same thing when their dates were over.

“I usually like to go to dinner for a first date because I love eating food,” he explained. “It also gives me more time to warm up and get more comfortable with someone new.”

“Coffee dates seem so short and interview-like. The thing is, when I call it a night, they end up asking for me to give them money for gas.”

“I politely say no, and they always flip out, calling me a cheapo. I am always happy to get the bill for a date, but asking for $200 for gas seems so scammy.”

He has no idea what is going on and why this is happening. If any of these girls asked him to order them an Uber ride home, he would have said yes, but directly asking for a specific amount of cash and claiming it’s to get home is just sketchy to him.

What’s also weird to him is that he always makes an effort to pick a place for dinner that is close to where a girl lives so she doesn’t have to go so far out of her way for a date.

So even if any of these girls genuinely needed gas money or money for an Uber, there’s no way it would even be close to $100, let alone $200.

Jordi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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