You Can Give Your Home A Mini Makeover Without Spending A Dime, And Here’s How - - illustrative purposes only

Are you tired of your home decor? After a while, the novelty of a brand-new furniture item can wear off, leaving you feeling like the room looks dull and boring. But replacing it with another new piece just isn’t viable.

Giving your space a mini makeover can be done without spending a dime! Here’s how you can breathe fresh life into your home at no cost.

Move Your Furniture

If you’re unsatisfied with the way a room looks, change the layout by moving the furniture around. For example, move the couch by the window or place your bed against a different wall.

Also, consider moving your TV. In a living room, the TV is always what draws the eye, so relocating it will drastically change how your space functions. You can experiment with a few designs and see which ones are best.

Decorate With Greenery From Your Yard

Houseplants are always a wonderful addition to your home. But any plant caretaker knows that they can empty your wallet easily.

Instead of heading to your local home improvement store to drop all your cash on a new plant, simply step outside into your yard.

Comb through the area for sprigs of flowers, colorful leaves, or textured twigs to spruce up your space for free. Stick them in a standard vase filled with water and set it on your mantel or side table. You’ll be cleaning up your yard and getting some fresh air at the same time. – – illustrative purposes only

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