His Brother Lied And Told His Niece He Would Pay For Her To Live In Paris Since He Agreed To Do This For His Stepdaughter

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This 38-year-old guy has a 40-year-old brother named Tony, whom he absolutely hates with a passion.

He and Tony simply never got along at all as they were growing up, and as of a few days ago, he hasn’t even seen Tony in 3 long years.

Anyway, he makes $180,000 a year, and his 42-year-old husband makes even more than he does. Additionally, he and his husband have a couple of incredibly profitable investments that generate a decent amount of passive income for them.

His husband has a daughter named Harmony from a previous relationship, and his husband has full custody of her.

Harmony is literally “an angel,” and he really did bond with her in a special way. He feels like Harmony is his daughter too, because they are that close.

“She is now 22, graduated from college Magna Cum Laude, and wants to work in fashion,” he explained.

“She LOVES haute couture and wants to work in Paris. The problem? Paris is expensive, and a lot of the positions that would consider her don’t pay well, especially with how expensive Paris is.”

“My husband and I decided to surprise her and sponsor her living expenses and additional allowance, so she doesn’t have to worry about income and can focus on her dream. She was ecstatic and posted on social media about it.”

Tony’s 25-year-old daughter named Joy happened to see Harmony’s post on social media, and she told Tony about it.

Stockbym – – illustrative purposes only

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