His Girlfriend Doesn’t Think He’s Attractive Anymore Since He Started Going To The Gym And Gained Some Muscle

Vasyl - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back when this 32-year-old guy celebrated his 30th birthday, he decided to make a major change in his life and start going to the gym for the first time ever.

He thinks this came from an early kind of midlife crisis, and back then, he really wanted to get in amazing shape prior to being too old to try it out.

He likes that right now, he can look back one day and say that he was incredible shape once upon a time.

Prior to him starting to work out, he had what his 28-year-old girlfriend called “a nerdy body.” His shoulders were small, his hair was scruffy and long, and he carried some weight in his midsection.

He didn’t look masculine, but his girlfriend did think that he was attractive. Since he’s been going to the gym for 2 years, his body has changed a ton.

“I also have a lot more muscle definition and have been intentionally changing my diet and lifestyle to lose fat,” he explained.

“I have been successful in what I wanted to achieve. Today she mentioned how she is struggling with the changes. I no longer look anything like the person she fell in love with. I agree with her and also understand, but it puts me in a strange place.”

“If I had gotten excessively fat and she was finding me unattractive, I would understand as we know being overweight is not a great thing for your health. I have gone the opposite way and have gained muscle, and she says she doesn’t find me attractive anymore.”

His girlfriend did say that she doesn’t expect him to go right back to being unhealthy so she can be happy, but she is having a tough time with his glow-up.

Vasyl – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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