She Mysteriously Vanished Last Year After Attending A Friend’s Birthday Celebration At A Bar, And Her Car Was Later Found A Few Blocks From Her House

Facebook - pictured above is Kennedy

Raised in Belleville, Illinois, 26-year-old Kennedy Walton had two younger sisters. And according to Kennedy’s mother, Jacques Dean, she was a stellar big sister.

“She loved her sisters. Kennedy would get in the car and just drive around the city at the drop of a hat. She would take them and listen to loud music, of course,” Jacques said.

“She was an excellent sister. She would come and get them and take them places. She would come over to the house and just spend quality time with them,” agreed Kennedy’s aunt, Marco Dean.

So, while living in St. Louis, Missouri, with her two roommates, Kennedy would often travel home to Belleville– which is about 25 minutes away– to visit her mother and sisters.

However, in March 2022, she strangely vanished after going out with a group of friends, and her family has been left reeling ever since.

It all began at about 12:00 p.m. on March 3, 2022, when Kennedy’s aunt, Gian Slack, picked her up from the Swansea station MetroLink in Swansea, Illinois. Apparently, Kennedy’s car was “down,” and she needed a ride.

Kennedy then traveled back to her aunt’s home before the pair went to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital together to pick up her mother’s car.

Jacques had been in the hospital for a procedure, which was why Kennedy was in town in the first place. She went to help care for her sisters, watching the girls and taking them swimming.

“She also picked me up from the hospital that night, and she was going to stay here at my house,” Jacques recalled.

Facebook – pictured above is Kennedy

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