She’s Trying To Save Close To 100 Bunnies That A Breeder Set Loose In Her Neighborhood

Oksana Schmidt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual bunny

Flordia resident Alicia Griggs has started up a fundraiser titled “Save the Jenada Bunnies” in hopes of raising enough money to safely rehome the domesticated bunnies that have gotten loose in her community.

Residents in the Jenada Isles community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, have recently gained some new neighbors. Hopping around their homes are dozens of domesticated lion head bunnies, which are the result of a breeder illegally releasing the fluffy and reproducing animals into the area.

Now, the community has nearly 100 of these bunnies in their community. While there are many worse things than beautiful bunnies in your backyard, the small animals are still considered a nuisance for many residents.

In addition to the mess that many rabbits cause by digging holes and leaving droppings, many residents are also concerned for the health of the bunnies themselves.

Summer in Florida can often bring high temperatures, which isn’t a healthy environment for a furry friend to live in constantly.

Also, there are many potential predators in the area that could go after the bunnies, such as coyotes and hawks.

The city of Wilton Manors voted to hire pest control to resolve this issue, but this would result in the trapping and killing of these innocent creatures.

Residents like Alicia Griggs were furious by this, and so she decided to do everything she could to help rehome these bunnies and save their lives.

“I have taken in some rabbits to foster myself because I can no longer watch them outside in the heat and rain, vulnerable to predators and ailments,” Alicia writes.

Oksana Schmidt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual bunny

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