She Told Her Boyfriend She Was Disappointed In Him For Ordering A Pizza With Meat When He Knows She’s A Vegetarian

pavel siamionov - - illustrative purposes only

This 24-year-old girl’s 28-year-old boyfriend had a headache one evening recently, and she told him that she would order dinner for them and asked what he wanted.

He requested a meat lover’s pizza, but she’s a vegetarian. She saw that there was a deal on a large pizza, so she suggested that, thinking that he would suggest getting half and half of whatever they wanted.

Two large pizzas would have been way too much food for them to get. But he said he wanted meat lover’s pizza, so when he asked her if she was going to get anything, she said that she would just find something to eat at home.

“Fast forward to us actually getting the food, and on the drive back, I tell him I’m a little disappointed in him and that I felt neglected since he was not considering my dietary preference,” she explained.

Her boyfriend kept trying to explain to her that he had asked her what she wanted to eat, to which she had said nothing.

But she told him that whenever she got food with him, she put effort into picking out something that they both would like and felt like he didn’t take her into consideration at all that night.

Since she was pretty hungry, he said that he was probably just feeling a bit grouchy because she needed to eat something, but she insisted that these feelings of hers came from more than just being hungry.

The couple kept arguing about the subject back and forth. He was trying to defend himself and accused her of gaslighting him into thinking he never asked her what she wanted to eat. It was hurting him that she thought he never thought of her feelings.

“I apologized and said I never tried to do that, and it wasn’t my intention, but I just wanted to say what I felt. So he would think about that in future situations,” she said.

pavel siamionov – – illustrative purposes only

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