After The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 Destroyed Everything She Owned, She Had An Urge To Help Rebuild The City, And Began A Life of Advocating For Laborers In The Process

During the march, young people who had fallen victim to child labor walked from Philadelphia to President Theodore Roosevelt’s summer house on Long Island, chanting that they’d rather be in school than working in a mine.

Interestingly, while she was such a vibrant activist, Mary was not a big supporter of women’s suffrage. She believed that women did not need the right to vote in order to make their voices heard and felt that liberating the working class was a bigger priority.

Mary was also in trouble with the law here and there, as some of the protests she organized would get out of hand. During a violent strike in West Virginia in 1913, Mary was arrested and accused of conspiring to commit murder. Members of the public had to make appeals on her behalf, and her sentence was eventually commuted.

In 1925, she wrote all about her time as an accomplished activist in her autobiography, “Autobiography of Mother Jones.” Mary’s activist spirit never dwindled. Even in her nineties, she was still organizing miners in protest.

Mary lived out her final days with friends in Maryland and passed away in November 1930 at 93.

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