Don’t Let Your Makeup Age You: Spotting And Addressing Skin Issues From Worn-Out Products

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Let’s be honest– every day that we start doing our makeup, we create art. So, just like any form of art, makeup requires the proper tools and techniques. But have you ever stopped to think that the products you love might be doing more harm than good?

If you’re experiencing unusual breakouts, irritations, or other skin problems, it might be time to examine your makeup bag and tools. Here’s what to look out for and how to set things straight.

Breakouts And Irritations

When your skin starts to rebel with pesky breakouts and irritations, it’s like a small flag of protest being waved. Old makeup or dirty tools could be the culprits, so you must check to see if any of your products have expired. Also, search through your makeup bag to figure out if you have any grimy brushes.

If you can relate, your first step will be to regularly wash your makeup tools with mild soap. This will keep your bristles fresh and skin-friendly.

Also, there’s no shame in tossing out products or tools that are no longer current (or are just too far gone to be cleaned). Expired makeup can also host bacteria, so be vigilant about keeping track of product shelf life and throwing out whatever is outdated.

Dull Complexion

ID 49534550 – © Imelda Kiss – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If your once-radiant glow feels more like a faint flicker these days, it could be a sign that your makeup and tools are aging. Just like stale bread, old makeup will never hold up or perform like it used to.

In these cases, refreshing your collection is your best bet. Every season, tons of new makeup lines are dropped from countless brands. Don’t be afraid to update your spread and experiment with new products to find ones that suit your skin type.

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