Elvis Presley Had A Pet Chimp Named Scatter, And He Even Bought Him A Whole Wardrobe of Suits And Ties

Ronnie Howard - illustrative purposes only, not the actual chimp

Aside from being the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley was also a huge animal lover. Throughout his life, he kept the company of countless creatures.

When Presley purchased his mansion, Graceland, in 1957, he also bought 13.8 acres of surrounding land. The property provided suitable space for the singer to maintain his animals.

Perhaps the most well-known animal of the group was Presley’s pet chimpanzee named Scatter, whom he acquired in 1961. Previously, Scatter had belonged to Captain Bill Killebrew, a Memphis television star.

While there, Scatter learned several entertaining tricks, but after about a year, his owner decided to sell him to Presley. When Scatter arrived at the Graceland mansion, he caused a lot of chaos, to the delight of Presley.

The chimpanzee was very mischievous and loved to consume alcohol. He also picked up a few other bad habits from hanging around Presley’s friends. He would often lift up women’s skirts and hide in the bathroom to scare Presley’s female guests.

At one point, one of the guests had had enough of all the monkeying around. When the chimp tried to pull up her skirt, she struck him on the head.

But Scatter’s behavior could not be curbed. On several occasions, he would bite people and fling his feces at them.

Although others may have found the chimp to be a nuisance, Presley adored Scatter and his shenanigans.

The King loved to carry the chimp on his shoulder and dress him in various outfits. He bought a whole wardrobe of suits and ties for Scatter.

Ronnie Howard – illustrative purposes only, not the actual chimp

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