Every Year, She Travels Over 6,000 To Get Her Dream Hair For $500 Instead of $4,500

primipil - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Many women have a favorite beauty treatment that they love to get professionally done in the name of self-care.

However, a lot of these treatments can be pretty expensive in the U.S., leaving women spending thousands of dollars on their looks or merely wishing they could afford to do so. Whether it’s hair extensions, facials, nails, or even tattoos, how far would you go to get a good deal on cosmetic services?

Travel vlogger Bryn Elise (@bryn.elise) shows her TikTok viewers how every year, she travels over 6,000 miles to get her dream hair.

Last year, Bryn received an email from her usual hair salon that they would be raising the prices of their services.

This meant that Bryn would have to spend nearly $4,500 to get the hair that she wanted. Ever since then, Bryn has been obsessed with learning about beauty tourism and finding the best beauty deals all across the globe.

When looking for a new place to get her hair extensions done, she realized that the majority of the hair inspiration posts that she had been saving on Instagram came from a popular hair stylist in Turkey.

Just out of curiosity, Bryn decided to message this hairstylist so that she could get an idea of how much it would cost to have her hair done by him, and she was shocked that her dream hair would only cost her $500!

“I get 300 pieces of 22-inch keratin bond extensions with bleaching, styling, and everything for $500,” Bryn explained.

In her video, she then breaks down the costs of everything else that it takes to get your hair done in another country.

primipil – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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