He Bought His Dream Car Against His Wife’s Wishes With Money He’s Been Saving Up, And Now She’s Extremely Mad At Him

Rostislav Sedlacek - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you have a dream car you’d love to purchase one day? As you probably know, buying your dream car is a privilege, and you have to be very savvy with money in order to make it happen.

Against his wife’s wishes, one man recently used some money he had been setting aside to buy his dream car. Now, she’s extremely mad at him.

He’s 34 and has a 33-year-old wife and two young kids. Ever since he was young, he wanted a Mini car, which is the car that makes Mini Coopers, Mini SE Hardtops, etc. However, when he and his wife finished college, they had their first child, so getting such a small car wasn’t the best option for their family.

Over the years, his wife has been very strict about money. Although he makes a decent living and they have a comfortable life, his wife never wants to spend money on more material items and believes any extra income they have should go towards savings for their kids.

While his wife is strict about money, she is a stay-at-home mom, despite him telling her if she’d like, they could find childcare while she went back to work and contributed more towards their income. However, she’s continued her roles at home by choice.

Recently, he got a great bonus at work after his latest performance review. While he would normally put that money into his kid’s college fund, his eldest already has a lot of money, and he has time to keep adding more to his youngest’s.

He took the bonus and some other cash he had been setting aside and spoke to his financial advisor, who encouraged him to finance his dream car with a low-interest loan.

“I did just that,” he said.

“Fast forward, [and] I bought myself a 2024 JCW fully loaded Mini Countryman. My wife was not pleased; she was extremely upset. I know I sound have ran it by her. I knew she was going to say no.”

Rostislav Sedlacek – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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