He Discovered His Girlfriend Has Been Talking To Guys On A Dating App, And It Crushed Him To See Her Say Things Like She Wants To Cuddle Or Mess Around With Them

It was then that he asked her about the first guy she’d seen her having a conversation with on Bumble.

She had a surprised look on her face, but at first, she lied and said she hadn’t been talking to any men on the app.

He told her to open Bumble on her phone so that he could see. At this point, her brother, who’d been asleep in his room, heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on.

“She then went on to delete the conversations on Bumble immediately, either out of embarrassment or assuming that her brother couldn’t see them and see where I was coming from,” he explained.

“Fortunately, I at least got photos of one of the guys she was talking with. She said they had only been speaking for a few days, and that is what the text history showed, but still. She also said she was ‘just kidding, messing around’ about the flirtatious texts.”

After that, she told him that she was “lonely,” but this was the first time he’d ever heard her say this. Understandably, he was upset that instead of telling him how she was feeling, she went behind his back to talk to other men on a dating app. She claimed that she had never met any of the men she talked to in person.

He and his girlfriend are physical about once a week, and she doesn’t normally feel like being close to him more often than that. So, it naturally doesn’t make sense to him that she’s flirting with other men.

“Frankly, I feel so hurt and betrayed I don’t even have words. I’m basically at the point where I want to call it quits,” he shared.

Throughout their relationship, he has worked really hard so that he can afford to buy things for their apartment.

On dates, he always pays for her, and he sometimes cooks dinner for her even after he’s worked for 10 or 11 hours that day. In his opinion, he has always been the one putting in the most effort.

He’s still stunned by his girlfriend’s actions. Knowing that she was flirting with other men has crushed him.

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