He Started Talking To A Twin About Meeting Up Just As Friends, But The Twin’s Sister Reached Out And Demanded That He Buy Her A Meal, Too

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This 26-year-old guy has known two female fraternal twins, who are 22, for about 15 years. But, he only ever saw the twins at church or during church events. Given their age gap, he also never really found the twins attractive.

However, one of the twins recently had a “glow-up” and posted a pretty steamy photo online. After seeing the picture, he decided to slide into the girl’s DMs, and they have been texting back and forth ever since.

In the process, they both learned a lot about each other. Then, he realized that he was not really interested in pursuing anything romantic with the girl.

“I wanted to just become better friends outside of the church, and I haven’t made it seem any other way,” he said.

So, they wound up setting a date to just meet up, get some food, and watch a movie. It’s also crucial to note that they live four hours away from each other, and with his busy work schedule, it was necessary to plan the hang-out one week in advance.

He also made it clear to the girl that he was in no way interested in dating. That’s why, when they text, they don’t flirt with each other or anything. Instead, they just refer to each other as friends, and that’s even how he suggested meeting up for a hang-out.

“Do you want to link sometime? As friends, of course,” he had texted the girl.

Well, out of nowhere, the second twin entered the picture. The twin also DM’ed him on Instagram and claimed that before her sister could go to the meetup, there were some “conditions.”

Afterward, the second twin proceeded to ask him a ton of questions– most of which he thought the first twin could have just asked him herself.

ID 30640555 – © Lenanet – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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