Her Brother-In-Law Saved Her 4-Year-Old Daughter From Drowning In A Lake, But She Didn’t Thank Him For This, So Her Sister Called Her Ungrateful

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If you’re a parent, has one of your relatives ever helped make sure your kid was safe from harm?

One woman’s brother-in-law recently saved her young daughter from drowning in a lake. However, she has yet to thank him because he made an aggressive comment after doing so.

She has a four-year-old daughter who doesn’t know how to swim yet. She doesn’t know how to swim either, but her husband does. 

Recently, her cousin threw a birthday party for their kid, and it was on a lake. Unfortunately, her husband couldn’t be there, so she had to give her daughter a talk about water safety and told her always to wear her life jacket.

She also has a toddler son and brought him to the party. At one point in the day, she had to feed her son and put him down for a nap. 

“I left my cousin in charge of my daughter while I left to feed my son,” she recalled.

“My daughter hadn’t been into the water at all, and I thought she was fine. She was not. I still don’t really know what happened. One second, everything was fine, and the next, everyone was screaming. I got down to the lake’s edge just as my brother-in-law was pulling my daughter from the lake.”

She noticed that her daughter’s life jacket had been removed at some point, and her brother-in-law had to find ways to get her daughter to cough up the water she had swallowed. Thankfully, her daughter was okay. 

Once everything had settled down, her brother-in-law snapped at her. He said that bad parents led to dead kids and that she needed to teach her daughter how to swim.

nblxer – illustrative purposes only

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