Her Friend Got Asked Out On A Date, But The Guy Ended Up Taking Her To A Funeral

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When you’re trying to woo a woman, you want to take her somewhere that’s sure to impress her and keep a wide berth from terrible date ideas, such as car shopping, poetry readings, or funerals.

Obviously, funerals are not occasions for romance, so you would think that people would steer clear from even entertaining the thought of bringing a date there. But, of course, there’s always someone who goes against the grain.

TikToker Sara Huntington (@sarapoptarts) is telling the story of her friend’s worst first date, which took place at a funeral! You’re more than welcome to cringe on her behalf.

So, at the time, Sara and her friend had just moved to Florida together. Her friend was a singer, and one night, she was at a gig and had exited the stage when a guy approached her.

He was in town with his family on vacation, but he wanted to ask her out on a date. They decided to go on a date the very next day.

When she arrived at the place they agreed to meet up at, she discovered that his entire family was there. She thought it was strange but brushed it off because they were here on a family vacation, after all.

Then, during the date, his mom suddenly stood up and started giving a speech. As the speech went on, the realization dawned on her that this date was actually a funeral for his grandmother, and his mom was delivering the eulogy.

So, she was forced to sit through the funeral until it was over. Needless to say, she did not go on another date with him.

Some TikTok users could relate to the mortifying experience and chimed in with a few of their own dating woes.

ID 91973391 – © Compuinfoto – – illustrative purposes only

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