He’s Been Telling His Guests That If They Don’t Want To Change Into New Clothes When Coming Over To His House, That They Can Wear A Plastic Raincoat Before Sitting On His Furniture

Victor zastol'skiy - illustrative purposes only

This 20-year-old guy lives all by himself, and he says that he is an incredibly tidy person. When he was little, his mom kept his house spotless, and so he has modeled his cleanliness after her.

He even used to help her clean the house when he was a kid, and that’s one of his earliest memories.

It was only recently that he moved out of his family home and into a spot of his very own. He then began to think about how tons of germs get tracked from the outside in.

“I always change out of my clothes as soon as I get home, but whenever I have guests, they don’t,” he explained.

“And I have no idea where they’ve been or what their clothes have been exposed to. About a month ago, I bought a bunch those clear disposable raincoats, and I started telling people whom I invited over that they could bring a change of fresh clothes to change into or wear one of the coats before they sit on my furniture.”

“I also offer to wash the clothes that they change out of if they want to.”

He does have a girlfriend, and she has no issue with his rule about changing into fresh clothes before sitting on anything that he owns.

His girlfriend has also begun leaving some clothes at his house so that she doesn’t have to worry about dragging them around with her.

His mom also accepts the new rule that he implemented at home, and his little sister is alright with it too.

Victor zastol’skiy – illustrative purposes only

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