His Wife Thinks He’s Selfish Since He Doesn’t Want Her To Turn His Man Cave Into A Bedroom For Their Baby

GTeam - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy and his wife have a baby who is currently 4-months-old, and now they are getting ready to try for a second child.

They live in a home with three bedrooms, but one of those bedrooms is home to his man cave.

Yesterday evening, his wife mentioned to him that as soon as their second child arrives, they need to convert his man cave into a room for that baby.

She also stated that he could put all of his belongings in storage as they work on purchasing a bigger house for their family.

He knows it will be a minimum of five years until they can even dream of moving to somewhere more spacious.

“I told her I don’t think that’s necessary and fully expected our babies would share a bedroom, and once they’re a little older, we would be ready to move to a bigger home where they could have their own rooms,” he explained.

“She thinks I’m being unrealistic and selfish. Babies/kids share bedrooms all the time, but I do see her point.”

“My family is my #1 priority, but at the end of the day, I also need a space for myself. My wife doesn’t want my collection of records, tapes, books, and video games in the living room or our bedroom, so the only alternative is to put everything away in storage elsewhere.”

“Am I being a selfish [jerk] for expecting that our babies/toddlers would share a bedroom for a few years just so I can keep my room?”

GTeam – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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