If You’ve Been Dreaming of Going On Vacation But Don’t Have A Passport, Don’t Worry: Here Are A Couple International Cruises You Can Go On

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Have you been daydreaming about traveling out of the country?

Perhaps you’re craving a tropical beach vacation outside of the U.S. but are instantly discouraged when you see how long getting or renewing your passport is going to take you.

Over 10 weeks seems like forever away, and rather than booking the appointment, you go back to thinking about your dream travels.

Did you know that you can visit certain destinations without a passport through popular cruise lines? While you can always travel to the U.S. territories without a passport, you can also opt for a closed-loop cruise, which means that the routine begins and ends in a U.S. port.

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative is an agreement that permits U.S. citizens to travel to destinations in the Western Hemisphere without needing a passport.

The only things you need are your I.D. and proof of American citizenship. It’s also wise to check with your cruise line beforehand, just in case!

Additionally, all cruise lines warn passengers who wish to take a closed-loop cruise that if, for some reason, the route does not go to plan and they need to fly back to the U.S., they will require a passport to do so.

If you decide to book a cruise with Celebrity Cruises, you can travel to the Bahamas! Additionally, you can visit popular destinations in Mexico, like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Puerto Costa Maya.

Another stop is St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, or if you’re a fan of the Caribbean, you can sail to St. Kitts.

Maridav – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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