She Accidentally Booked An Entire Hotel For Her Trip To Bali With Her Family, And It Came Complete With A Chef, A Restaurant, And A Full-Time Bartender

Mattia Zeny - illustrative purposes only

When you’re traveling, there’s always the risk that something will go wrong, throwing a wrench into your whole vacation. However, some travel mishaps can actually work out in your favor.

TikToker Jas (@jxx) is talking about how she accidentally booked an entire hotel for her trip to Bali. So, last year, she decided to take her family on a trip to Bali.

She sent a list of Airbnbs in the family group chat so they could choose where they wanted to stay. Ultimately, her grandparents had the final say.

They picked the most expensive Airbnb on the list. There was a nice pool and lounge area, along with a designated space to do a bunch of activities.

Jas booked the place for seven guests a year in advance in case she ran into any problems. A week before their trip, she was having a conversation with the owner of the Airbnb.

It had changed management since she booked it, and everything was different, including the pricing, amenities, and rooms. The guy she was speaking with was baffled about how she was able to get such a low price for the place.

He was stammering over the phone, informing Jas that the Airbnb had upgraded to become more similar to a hotel. She explained that she had booked the place with the last owner. In the end, the current owner resigned himself to the fact that he would have to let the rooms go at a loss.

When Jas and her family arrived at the place, she noticed that there was a cash register near the kitchen and realized they were at an actual hotel, not an Airbnb.

She was told that when she had booked the place, she had gotten a special rate, which meant there would be other people staying at the hotel as well.

Mattia Zeny – illustrative purposes only

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