She’s Discussing The Drama She Overheard In Her School’s Bathroom

nimito - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A lot of things take place in school bathrooms, which can make it uncomfortable for someone who’s using the bathroom for its actual purpose.

School bathrooms are gossip central, so if you’re trapped in a stall after a group of girls stream into the room, you’ll be like a fly on the wall, taking in juicy tidbits of information.

TikToker Lauren Barnwell (@laurenrbarnwell) is discussing the drama she overheard in the school bathroom on what she thought would be a quick trip to relieve herself.

One day, she was in the bathroom doing her business when two girls came in, talking about some wild stuff. Lauren knew many people in her grade and the grade below her, but she didn’t recognize these girls, so she assumed they were freshmen.

One of the girls complimented the other on the bracelet she was wearing. The girl with the bracelet told the first girl that she had stolen it. The first girl asked the second girl if she could steal a bracelet for her, too.

The second girl declared that they could steal it together, and it would be her gift since the first girl’s birthday was coming up. Then, a third girl walked in, delivering something that high schoolers aren’t supposed to have.

One of the girls left the bathroom, and the two remaining girls started making out. Lauren was aghast. She sat frozen in her stall, knowing she couldn’t leave the bathroom now and risk interrupting their make-out session.

After a little while, the girls finally stopped kissing. Lauren heard one of the girls leave, and then another girl entered the bathroom. She could tell the difference between all the girls because she was watching their shoes.

The new girl started making out with the girl still in the bathroom, even though Lauren had just witnessed her smooching a different girl not even five minutes ago.

nimito – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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