She Called Her Dad And Her Future Stepmom Greedy For Expecting Her To Help Make Her Grandparents Buy Her Future Stepsister A Fancy Gift

Daniel J?dzura - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When a family becomes blended, a lot of pressure is put on people to get along and quickly form a familial bond. However, the pressure often doesn’t help anybody.

One teenager has gotten caught up in a bunch of drama between her dad’s new family and her maternal grandparents, who are refusing to buy her future stepsister a fancy gift.

She’s 19-years-old, and her mom sadly passed away four years ago. Her dad is getting ready to marry a new woman with a six-year-old daughter named Luna, and they’ll all be living together. 

She has a very close relationship with her mom’s parents, whom she kept in close contact with after her mom’s passing. Her dad isn’t as close with them, and since she moved out of her dad’s house last year, he’s hardly in contact with her grandparents.

However, now that he’s engaged, he wants that to change.

“My grandparents bought me this really sweet locket for my birthday,” she said.

“My dad and his fiancée were living together at the time, and they brought me out to dinner to celebrate. Luna was also there and heard her mom ask about my locket and who bought it for me. Luna was suddenly all excited and talking about how they’re about to be her grandparents too and [asked if they would] buy her one.”

She immediately felt uncomfortable with the idea of her dad trying to convince her grandparents to buy Luna a gift. He eventually did it himself, and her grandparents said no since they have no relationship with Luna and will only see her on rare occasions.

Her dad was very angry with her grandparents, although she totally understood where they were coming from. Unfortunately, her dad and future stepmom’s resentment toward her grandparents only grew from there.

Daniel Jędzura – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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