She Ended Up Cutting A Date Short With A Guy Because He Didn’t Look Like His Photos And Had Clearly Catfished Her

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Meeting people online can sometimes feel easier and more thrilling because of the shroud of anonymity you are offered. However, it also leaves you vulnerable to the risk of catfishing.

Before the internet, a catfish was just a fish with whiskers. But now, a catfish is known as a person who takes on a false persona and posts fake pictures online in order to mislead people.

You may have come across your fair share of catfishing, whether it was something as low-level as a strategic choice of photos meant to hide certain flaws or something bigger in which their whole identity was a lie.

Even those who aren’t actively seeking relationships online can become victims of catfishing. Private profiles still allow people to access your photos, and they can do who knows what with them.

With so many innocent individuals affected by catfishers, victims have been inspired to share their experiences all over the internet in the hopes of spreading awareness of this ever-prevalent issue. TikToker Tai (@tailamaddisonn) is coming forward with her own story about the time she was catfished.

So Tai is a content creator on a subscription social platform with a large following, and she recently went on a date with a guy who was subscribed to her account. However, she ended up cutting the date short and leaving because the guy looked nothing like his photos online.

During the date, he behaved in an overly excited way, expressing his disbelief over seeing Tai in person. After the date, he sent her several text messages apologizing for not being what she expected.

In her video, Tai displays a screenshot of the texts. One of the messages read, “Hey baby, sorry I don’t look like my photos I hope you had a good night.”

When she didn’t respond, he wrote, “Did you? Babe? Or not, lol.” Ultimately, she decided to block his phone number.

ID 47606077 – © Anton Matveev – – illustrative purposes only

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