She Gave Her Friend $230 To Make Her A Custom Sweater, But Since It Didn’t Fit And Her Friend Is Dragging Her Feet On Making Adjustments, She Wants Her Money Back

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This woman’s friend is studying art.

Her friend is also a freelance artist eagerly looking for new commissions.

“Back in May of 2022, I asked my friend who knits if she could knit me a sweater. She agreed, so long as I bought the materials and paid her for the labor–which made sense to me at the time. It ended up being $80 for materials and $150 for her time,” she said.

She was excited to see how her sweater would turn out, but her friend took several months to even get started on knitting it for her.

In March of this year, they were both on spring break, and her friend came to visit her.

“She surprised me with the sweater. However, the sweater fit neither my shoulders, forearms, nor my torso,” she explained.

“This did not make sense to me because she had taken my measurements the day I gave her payment for the sweater–and I haven’t changed in size at all.”

When they realized the sweater was too tight, her friend told her that she’d make adjustments to it so that it fit her better, and she would give her the sweater the next time she was able to visit.

She asked if her friend could just mail her the sweater to her apartment instead so that she’d be able to receive it sooner, and her friend said she could do that.

ID 80141853 – © Vadymvdrobot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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