She Refused To Invite Her Stepsister On Her Birthday Trip To Los Angeles And Then Called Her Stepsister Out In Front Of Their Friends For Throwing A Tantrum Over It

ID 165472741 - © Marek Masik - - illustrative purposes only

When this 16-year-old girl was very young, her parents separated. Then, by the time she was 6, her mom had gotten married to her stepdad– who happened to have a daughter who was the same age as her.

However, she and her stepsister really just don’t get along. Sure, they don’t hate each other, but they never had a sister or even a friend relationship.

It’s also important to note that while her mom and stepdad are stable in terms of finances, they don’t have a ton of extra disposable income.

Her dad is not very well-off, either, but being that he is single and she’s his only child, he can afford to purchase her nicer items.

That’s why, when she turned 16 just last month, her dad decided to take her on a trip to Los Angeles for 10 days.

He also allowed her to invite five people, and she opted to bring three friends as well as two cousins from her dad’s side.

Once her mom found out about the vacation, though, her mom was not happy at all. It turned out that her mom and her stepdad were also planning to take a trip to Disney during the winter, and since she had never been there, her mom wanted the first visit to be as a family.

“My mom tried to convince me not to go, but it was during my dad’s time, so there was nothing she could do to stop me,” she recalled.

“And after my mom realized she couldn’t stop me, she tried to convince me to take my stepsister so she wouldn’t feel jealous.”

ID 165472741 – © Marek Masik – – illustrative purposes only

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