She Uninvited Her Sister From Her Wedding After She Made A Hurtful Comment About Her Fiancé And Then Tried To Bring Her Boyfriend As Her Plus One

Denis Ovcharenko - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman and her sister, 25, used to have a close relationship growing up, but as time went on, they became distant due to differences in their personalities and lifestyle choices.

For the last seven years, she has been in a relationship, and her now fiancé, 30, proposed six months ago.

She is deeply in love with him and feels intensely sure and confident about their longevity as a couple. Since their engagement, they’ve been wedding planning.

Several weeks ago, she and her fiancé were at a dinner with her family. Her fiancé was talking about a hiking trip he’d been on recently, and he was enthusiastically explaining a difficult trail that he’d climbed.

“Out of nowhere, my sister made a snide comment, saying, ‘It’s surprising you actually did something that requires physical effort.’ She said that and looked directly into my eyes. Ever since I started dating him, she made fun of me for being with a chubbier man,” she explained.

After her sister’s rude remark, everyone at the dinner was quiet, and she looked at her fiancé and saw how upset and sad he clearly was. He ignored the comment and acted as if it didn’t bother him, but she knew her sister’s words affected him.

Once the dinner was over, she talked to her sister alone about her awful comment.

“My sister dismissed it, saying it was just a joke and that my fiancé shouldn’t be so sensitive. This really upset me, as her comment felt like a direct attack on the person I love. I explained to her how important my fiancé is to me and how her words were hurtful,” she shared.

Then, several days ago, she sent wedding invitations to her close friends and family. After receiving the invitation, her sister texted her to ask if she could bring her new boyfriend as her plus one (they’d been dating for about two months).

Denis Ovcharenko – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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