She Wants To Ask Her Dad To Divorce His New Wife Because She Thinks Her Stepmom Is Ruining Her Life

Yevhenii - illustrative purposes only not the actual person

About six years ago, this 15-year-old woman’s parents got divorced. Then, just last year, her dad, who is 42, remarried a 32-year-old woman named Nina.

At first, she thought that Nina was nice, too. But then, she and her sister, who is 13, started to feel like everything was changing because of their new stepmom.

When it came to cooking, for instance, Nina took over all of a sudden. The issue isn’t that she thinks Nina is a bad cook, but her stepmom tends to cook meals that she and her sister hate.

Nina did ask what meals they enjoyed in the past and would sometimes cook them. But, most of the time, her stepmom will just cook other things that she and her sister don’t enjoy.

They’ve complained about this to their dad, too, but he claims that they need to start eating healthier. He also pointed out how it’s not ideal for her and her sister to be such picky eaters.

Still, she doesn’t like how much mealtime has changed in their household since Nina entered the picture.

“In the past, my dad used to cook himself a meal and make separate meals for us based on what we liked because he knew we didn’t like what he ate,” she recalled.

So, she asked her dad why they couldn’t do that anymore, and he claimed it was unsustainable. After all, he was forced to spend over two hours in the kitchen cooking completely separate meals, and it doesn’t make sense anymore.

Plus, her dad believes that if Nina already wants to cook dinner for everyone, then it saves him time, and he doesn’t want to get in his wife’s way.

Yevhenii – illustrative purposes only not the actual person

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