She Went On A Second Date With A Guy To A Baseball Game, And He Had So Much To Drink That She Tried To Get Up And Run Away From Him

ussatlantis - illustrative purposes only

Some baseball fans will go to great lengths for the game they love so dearly. Their devotion to their favorite teams can drive them to do wildly irrational things, even when on a date with a girl they’re trying to impress.

TikToker Madison (@madisonoel1) is talking about a horrifying second date she went on that scarred her for life. So, years ago, she matched with a guy on Bumble and decided to go on a date with him.

On their first date, they grabbed dinner and drinks and had a fun time together. It was their second date that turned out to be a total disaster.

For their second date, he wanted to go to a baseball game, which she agreed to. Since they planned on drinking, they didn’t want to drive, so they ordered a ride down to the stadium. When Madison met up with him, she suspected that he was already somewhat tipsy.

At the game, they bought food and drinks. Once they made their way to their seats, he started downing the drinks. The section they were sitting in contained many fans from the opposing team, which he was unhappy about.

So, anytime the other team scored a point, he would spew profanities at everyone in their section. Men, women, children, and grandparents alike were all targets of his rage.

Madison was horrified and sunk down into her seat as far as she could. She was getting really stressed because he was getting into verbal altercations with several people.

At one point, a man threatened to fight him. They never came to blows, but that was the last straw for Madison. She got up to leave, telling her date not to follow her.

She started walking down the hallways at a brisk pace. She had to exit the stadium and get a ride back to his place since she had left her car there.

ussatlantis – illustrative purposes only

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