She’s A Farmer Talking About All The Things That Make The Farmer Dating Experience Unique

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Have you ever wondered how people in rural areas with slim populations get out on the town and go on dates?

One woman has been bravely and candidly sharing her dating experiences as a garlic farmer living in Northern Michigan, and it’s both adorable and fascinating.

Carol (@newdawnfields) is a farmer and activist who works on New Dawn Fields, a farm specializing in garlic, and strives to offer work to women and non-binary people who have survived assault. The farm is located in Northern Michigan, where Carol is from.

Carol is middle-aged and divorced and decided to return to the dating scene in May. Since her very first date with this man, she’s been documenting her experience and all of the things that make the farmer dating experience unique.

For instance, on her first date with this man, she arrived where they were supposed to meet an hour early and brought along a jar of homemade jam. Why? Because she figured that’s what everyone would want to be given on a first date.

Before long, Carol had thousands of views and decided to continue updating her viewers on her dates with this guy, as the first date had gone very well.

After a few more dates, Carol had a few more farming surprises in store for this guy.

Later in May, she posted an update for her viewers, telling them, “It went over so well that we’ve now upgraded to a full pint of blueberry jam,” as she holds up a massive jar of jam to the camera while laughing.

Then, Carol said she had entered the “I bring a dozen and a half farm fresh eggs” phase of her budding relationship. Yes, she brought her date a massive carton of beautiful, fresh eggs. With today’s inflation prices, who wouldn’t fall in love with this woman?

ID 49415245 – © Dlphoto6 – – illustrative purposes only

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