The Last Time He Let His Roommate Borrow His Car, She Never Came Home, And He Needed To Get To Work

ID 19676828 - © Oleksandr Pekur - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Four months ago, this 26-year-old man and a friend he’d had for a couple of years started rooming together.

His roommate, 25, doesn’t have a car, but she’s planning on moving abroad soon. Conveniently, their town has good public transportation.

However, his roommate isn’t good at managing her time when she takes public transport, so she’s constantly running late.

On occasion, he’s allowed her to use his car to run errands, even sometimes when he’s not around. She is on his car insurance, and at first, the arrangement was going well.

“However, I feel that she has totally taken advantage of my trust recently,” he said. “She met some foreign exchange students through an app and wanted to meet them because it was one of their birthdays.”

“They live 70 miles from us. I was fine with it and drove with her the first time in case they had any malicious intent. We stayed until like 4 a.m., where I had to basically beg her to leave so we could get home already.”

The following day, they were invited to another get-together with the group. At first, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go, but he eventually agreed.

He and his roommate had a fun night, but once again, he had to plead with her to leave when it was almost 3 a.m.

When they left to make the hour-long drive home, she told him that the group had invited them to play Frisbee the next day.

ID 19676828 – © Oleksandr Pekur – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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