Using Gravel In Your Landscaping Not Only Looks Nice; It’s Also More Practical And Sustainable

wuttichok - illustrative purposes only

Using gravel in landscapes is definitely a personal preference. Some people will prefer a mix of grass and slates of stone.

However, there are ways to utilize gravel in your backyard that not only look nice but are also more practical and sustainable.

Gravel is much easier to maintain than a lawn full of grass, and because it’s permeable, gravel wastes less water than other surfaces would. When done in certain ways, gravel can even add a modern touch to your outdoor space.

Many outdoor areas have a lovely pathway that can lead guests from the house to the grassy area, from the vegetable garden to the swing set, or even from the pool to the cabana.

If you’ve chosen a pattern of slate or stone for your pathway, placing gravel around it can be a great way to highlight the path itself. The surrounding gravel will make each step stand out and create a great flow to your space.

The texture of gravel is one that conveniently combines and works well with many other landscape options. For example, adding gravel directly next to a patch of grass offers a wonderful contrast in texture that is still very pleasing to the eye.

It’s great to use as a transitional element as well, and it doesn’t give off as harsh of a difference as other material combinations may do.

Just like with anything, moderation is key. Even with a thing as good as gravel, too much of it can cause issues with your landscape design.

When you are brainstorming all of the elements you want in your outdoor space, make sure to balance things out with plenty of plants.

wuttichok – illustrative purposes only

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