While She Was At Sleep-Away Summer Camp, She Saw A Terrifying And Ghostly Cowboy

“I was tossing and turning in my bed,” she shared. “That’s when I glanced down at my friend, who had an all-black figure standing over her.”

“I remember seeing the outline of a cowboy-esque hat, a head with two small white circles for what I assume were eyes, and the rest was just straight black to the floor. Maybe the outline of a trench coat? He was just standing there, to her left, slightly arched, looking down at her.”

Immediately terrified, she pulled her sleeping bag up over her head even though it was stuffy and hot in the room.

She didn’t want to look at the strange figure again, and she was afraid that it would notice her or come over to her bed.

Under the sleeping bag, she cried as silently as she could while singing nursery rhymes to herself until she, at last, fell asleep.

“I told very few people, as most were skeptical or brushed it off as me just being a kid who had a wild imagination. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out who the hat man was, and in every picture I see, he completely resembles what I saw,” she said.

When she learned more about the hat man, she found out that, apparently, he wasn’t a bad or evil entity.

Since this discovery, she looks back on her potential encounter with the hat man happily and with fondness.

Now, she believes that the hat man was watching over her friend after she had an emotional day. At the time when she saw the hat man, she thought she must have been so scared because she just didn’t quite comprehend what she was seeing.

To date, this experience was the most intense paranormal encounter she’s ever had, and she still feels deep down that it wasn’t just a figment of her imagination.

Seeing the hat man was different than when she’d seen what she thought were ghosts or shadow people because those experiences could have had other explanations. The hat man was something that, she believes, can’t be explained away.

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