He Said He’s Not Paying For His Girlfriend To Go On An Upcoming Trip They’re Supposed To Take With Friends

galitskaya - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his girlfriend recently were planning to spend the weekend hanging out with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend.

He and his girlfriend had to travel to see them, so it took a lot of arranging and organizing ahead of the double-date trip, which included booking a hotel.

The weekend prior to their weekend getaway, his girlfriend was going out for dinner and drinks with some co-workers. At first, she assured him that she wouldn’t be gone late and that she’d just have a drink or two after dinner.

“She ended up staying out all night, which isn’t a problem at all, but then the next morning, she said she spent more than she expected to and now could no longer afford the double date. She said I’d have to pay for everything, or we’d have to cancel because she can’t afford it,” he said.

Understandably, he was irritated since she was aware of their trip coming up since they’d been organizing it for a while. He said to her that she should have come home much earlier instead of spending so much money drinking all night.

“She just said she didn’t plan it but that no one else was leaving, and people wanted her to stay, so she stayed,” he explained.

In response, he said that she should have kept their trip the following weekend in mind before she did this. He was upset that she seemed to just assume that he would be comfortable paying for her while on their trip, and he felt like she should have been more careful with her spending and been responsible.

But his girlfriend disagreed. From her perspective, she didn’t think he was being fair to her, and she didn’t think his frustration was valid.

“I told her how bad it’s going to look canceling now just because she decided her colleagues were more important and refused to say no to them,” he shared.

galitskaya – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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