Even If Your Backyard Is Smaller In Size, It Still Has Huge Potential To Feel Spacious, Comfortable, And Vibrant

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Not everyone can have a big backyard, especially those who live in urban settings. If you have a small yard, don’t fret! Even though your backyard may be smaller in size, it still has huge potential to feel spacious, comfortable, and vibrant.

When you’re trying to create the illusion of a large space, everything from lighting and landscaping to furniture placement counts. Here are some tips to maximize your tiny outdoor area and make it the ideal spot for unwinding and entertaining guests.

Break Up Your Space Into Smaller Areas

Separating a small backyard into a series of spaces obscures the actual size of your outdoor area. Use a pergola, a wooden trellis, or a dividing wall to generate a sense of mystery within the yard.

The key is not to reveal the entire space all at once. Keep some views hidden to pique curiosity. Then, as you proceed through the yard and turn a corner, elements will jump out at you, giving a sense of surprise.

Include Plants Of Varying Heights

Create a layering effect with tall trees and plants to expand the boundaries of your space. When you add greenery around the perimeter of your yard, it helps conceal the margins so that people won’t be able to tell where your yard ends or begins.

Additionally, the greenery gives your yard visual interest and serves as a privacy screen. To prevent your space from looking too congested, limit the color palette of your plants to two shades.

Evergreen trees and seasonal flowers are one of the best combinations for adding structure. Climbing plants help draw the eye upward and can disguise any unattractive elements in your backyard.

slavun – illustrative purposes only

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