Her Boyfriend’s Wealthy Mother Hosted A Baby Shower Without Even Inviting Her And Delivered All Of The Gifts In A U-Haul, But Now She Wants To Just Sell The Presents Since She Has No Room In Her Apartment

Svetlana - illustrative purposes only

This woman found out that she was pregnant after dating her boyfriend for only a month.

So, when her boyfriend’s family found out that she was expecting, they completely cut him off because they were wealthy and did not approve of her as a partner.

Then, they gave her boyfriend an ultimatum– either she doesn’t have the baby, or they would disown him!

She and her boyfriend didn’t give in to the threat, though, and they decided to go through with the pregnancy. Her boyfriend also stopped talking to his family anyway.

Now, she is living in a tiny studio apartment.

“It’s small, but big enough for my son and I,” she said.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend is working upstate to support their new family.

More recently, she also started posting photos of her ultrasounds and sharing updates about her pregnancy on Facebook.

This seemingly pushed her boyfriend’s mother to reach out to her, but the woman had some shocking news.

Svetlana – illustrative purposes only

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