Her Partner’s Ex Is Absolutely Awful, But Now That She Needs Her To Basically Babysit Their Kids, She Said No

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For the last five years, this woman and her partner have been in a relationship.

Her partner has two children that she deeply cares about and gets along great with.

Their relationship has been stable and healthy, and her partner has joint custody of his children with his ex.

Unfortunately, her partner’s ex is dramatic and constantly causes issues.

When she and her partner first started dating, she was understanding of his situation with his ex and their joint custody. She suggested the idea of meeting his ex to introduce herself and let her know that she is a reliable person so that his ex would hopefully feel comfortable that she would be spending time with her children.

“She instead chose to attack me with dozens of hateful emails, tried to get me fired from my workplace, falsely claimed she had a restraining order against me if I was ever in the same space as her (this was a lie), has called the cops based on ridiculous claims, and spread awful rumors about me on social media,” she said.

His ex’s behavior continued for the first three years of her relationship with him, but after that, it finally started to lessen.

However, throughout the last year, scheduling conflicts have started popping up, and her partner was often at work when he and his ex were supposed to be picking up or dropping off their children with one another. To avoid issues, she offered to pick up his children for him while he was still working. These inconvenient changes to her partner’s schedule were only supposed to last for about a month.

“Every week that I showed up to pick up the kids, the ex would show up with the kids, see me, and then drive away. She would then barrage my significant other with texts stating she refused to let the kids go with me while he was working and they have no need to be around me if he wasn’t going to be there,” she explained.

ID 121632848 – © Benzoix – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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