His Daughters Are Sad That He Hired A Nanny To Care For Them, Even Though His New Wife Doesn’t Work

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This 45-year-old man is married to Alicia, 29. He has two daughters from his previous marriage, who are 10 and 8.

Tragically, his first wife, his children’s mother, passed away two years ago from mesothelioma, a rare cancer.

Everything happened so quickly, and she was diagnosed only four months before she passed away.

“The hospital that had treated my late wife offered grief support groups that specialized in helping kids deal with their grief,” he said.

“I decided to take my kids to the support groups. Alicia was working in the gift shop of the hospital, so we’d pass each other regularly.”

“My kids were also getting private sessions with a social worker, so I’d sit in the coffee shop and could see Alicia from there. One day, I struck up a conversation.”

Eventually, he and Alicia started dating, and they got married six months ago. When he and his late wife got married, they struggled financially, and he could have never envisioned being in a position where he could afford to hire a nanny or even need one. However, he is more financially stable now.

In his marriage with Alicia, he appreciates how kind she is and how she has helped him to get out of his comfort zone and talk with people again. She also often buys him meaningful presents and makes him feel loved.

However, Alicia has had a difficult time getting accustomed to her role as a stepmother to his children.

Phase4Photography – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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