His Girlfriend Doesn’t Think Their Cleaning Lady Is Going A Good Job, But He’s Refusing To Pile On More Pressure Because He Thinks The Woman Is Already Doing Backbreaking Work

VadimGuzhva - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his girlfriend moved in together about three months ago, but she absolutely hates cleaning. From mopping to sweeping and everything in between, his girlfriend despises tidying up.

But she has two big dogs who shed a ton of hair.

“I mean, the whole place is covered with hair,” he said.

That’s why they decided to hire a cleaning lady, who he paid for, to go to their home and clean twice each month.

Then, in between the visits, he maintains their home by doing some light cleaning– just to keep their house “at least suitable for human life.”

However, he works from home; meanwhile, his girlfriend is a teacher. So, she is never actually home when the cleaning lady is there.

This pushed his girlfriend to start sending him a list of responsibilities– which she wants him to verify with the cleaning lady and ensure gets done.

“But I know very well that the lady doesn’t have the time to do all that stuff and definitely isn’t paid enough to do all this stuff, either,” he admitted.

So, he has refused to “pester” the cleaning lady by asking her to do more. He also just doesn’t want to be nitpicky about such tiny things.

VadimGuzhva – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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