If You Want To Keep Your Home Clean With Half The Effort And Time, Here Are Some Cleaning Tips That Will Have Your Home Sparkling

Konstantin Yuganov - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

House cleaning just got a lot easier. If you want to keep your home clean with half the effort and time, look no further! These cleaning tips will have your home sparkling from top to bottom. You’ll wish you knew about some of these sooner.

Clean Your Toilet Bowl With Coke

Pour some Coke along the edges of your toilet bowl so that the entire thing is coated with the fizzy liquid. The Coke will run down and mix with the toilet water.

Let it sit for at least an hour, but preferably overnight. Then, flush the toilet to rinse away the Coke. Your toilet should be stain-free and look good as new!

How exactly can Coke clean a toilet? Coke contains carbonic acids that melt away stains, so it really does all the heavy lifting for you!

Use Wax Paper For Water Marks

Wax paper offers more uses than lining countertops for rolling out dough or wrapping up leftovers. If your sink faucet has a chrome finish, you’ll have noticed that it’s prone to collecting fingerprints and water stains.

A small sheet of wax paper can eliminate unsightly smudges. Fold up a piece of wax paper and rub it in circular motions to polish up your faucet. Then, use a dishcloth to wipe it clean. Afterward, your sink faucet will shine bright!

Toss Lemons Into Your Garbage Disposal As A Deodorizer

Konstantin Yuganov – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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