His Girlfriend’s New Diet Revolves Around Eating Raw Meat, And He’s Repulsed That She Even Tried To Sneak Some of This Into His Own Food

ID 264087206 - © Aaron Amat - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Over the past three years, this 25-year-old man and his girlfriend, also 25, have been in a relationship.

Throughout the years, they both have lived a healthy lifestyle. He and his girlfriend work out together and test out different diets together.

“Recently, while scrolling through Instagram, I’ve gotten a lot of posts promoting the carnivore lifestyle. For context, this carnivore lifestyle involves eating massive quantities of raw meat, eliminating anything that isn’t meat,” he said.

While he’s not a dietician and is new to learning about nutrition, this diet revolts him. But after seeing these posts on his social media, he doesn’t think about this particular diet too often.

Over the past several days, his girlfriend has been behaving differently, and it’s concerning him.

For many years, his girlfriend has had body image issues, and she doesn’t feel secure with her weight.

“She is so beautiful and has a rocking body that I love to embrace every night,” he explained.

Recently, his girlfriend has been constantly making negative comments about her body, doesn’t seem to want to eat dinner, and she has been researching diets a lot. He’s been trying to support her and ask her to eat, but on several occasions, she’s acted “cold and distant.”

Then, he learned that his girlfriend bought a plane ticket for a flight to a different state. He didn’t know why she did this, so he asked her what was going on.

ID 264087206 – © Aaron Amat – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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