His Sister Reached Out After Ghosting Him For Five Years And Asked Him To Cater Her Wedding For Free

Elroi - illustrative purposes only

This 33-year-old guy is a professional chef who owns an upscale, successful restaurant in his city. And when he was younger, he and his little sister– who is 29– used to be best friends.

But, about five years ago, they had a major falling out over what he thought was a “minor issue.”

“She lent a prized book of mine to her friend without asking me, and it came back in a state of disrepair,” he recalled.

This tiny disagreement still spiraled into a major fight, though, and his sister wound up cutting him off entirely. Despite him reading out numerous times, trying to fix things and apologize, his sister just refused to talk to him.

So, three weeks ago, he was shocked when his sister gave him a call out of nowhere.

However, his excitement did not last long after he realized his sister’s true intention by reaching out to him.

He learned that his sister was engaged, and she wanted him to cater her wedding. The real kicker? She asked him to do it for free.

To make matters worse, his sister did not just want him to provide the main course or something simple like that.

“But also specialized, gourmet meal options for her cosmopolitan guest list– a task that involves a lot of work and money,” he added.

Elroi – illustrative purposes only

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