His Wife Had An Emotional Affair With One of Her Gaming Friends, So He Told Her To Cut Contact With The Entire Friend Group If She Wants To Repair Their Marriage, And She Accused Him of Being Unfair

Kawee - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old guy and his wife, who is 25, have been together for over five years and married for just under two years. They also have a daughter who is about to turn 1-year-old next month.

However, about a month after their daughter was born, he went back to work, and he began to feel a shift in his and his wife’s relationship.

“She became increasingly distant from me and more withdrawn. Any sort of affection stopped, and I just felt like I was worthless to her,” he recalled.

Around the same time, his wife also began spending a ton of her maternity leave time online gaming with a group of friends. Apparently, she’s known all of the friends for a few years, and they are all guys.

Now, he never had a problem with his wife doing this since he knows most of the guys in the group.

“But I felt like this group of friends was being put first before me,” he admitted.

“And at the same time, there was one person in particular from the group that she was talking to a lot of the time, which I felt uncomfortable about.”

So, he tried to confront his wife, and he was shocked when she admitted to losing feelings for him after the birth of their daughter.

Still, she claimed that she wanted to work out their relationship and assured him that nothing was going on with any of the guys from her group. His wife also urged him to just trust her.

Kawee – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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